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Work Package 1: Understanding the impacts of interventions


Lead: Dr. Matthew Osborne


By better understanding the socioeconomic system dynamics in which renewable energy projects are embedded, WP1 hopes to uncover how such actions can influence intended (and unintended) impacts of such interventions.  

Work Package 3: Changes in energy systems in the Lower Omo Valley 


Lead: Dr. Jed Stevenson 


Work Package 2: Energy economies in a context of climate change in eastern Africa 


Lead: Mr. Immo Eulenberger

Work Package 4: Conflict sensitivity of renewable energy projects


Lead: Dr. Naho Mirumachi

Dr. Mirumachi will lead the core team to map out a refocused concept of conflict sensitivity that is relevant to stakeholders in different academic disciplines and sectors. It compares the impacts of small-scale and large-scale renewable energy projects.

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