Work Package 1: Perceptions of Conflict-Sensitivity.


Lead: Dr. Matthew Osborne

WP1 focuses on how Swedish, international and local stakeholders perceive conflict-sensitive

renewables development.

Work Package 3: Regional Assessment. 


Leads: Dr. Jed Stevenson and Mr. Immo Eulenberger


How are energy systems and access to vital resources changing for people of the Omo-Turkana basin? Our research provides an overview of the shifting energy landscape of the region, and investigates the historical and political backdrop to the renewable energy initiatives underway — from mega-projects such as the Lake Turkana Wind Power installation and the Gibe III dam, to domestic solar and minigrid schemes.

Work Package 2: Case studies 


Leads: Dr. Jed Stevenson and Mr. Immo Eulenberger

In-depth studies of the peace/conflict implications of the Lake Turkana Wind Power project, the Gilgel-Gibe dam cascade, and solar pumps and irrigation systems.

Work Package 4: Environmental Security Framework.


Lead: Dr. Naho Mirumachi

Dr. Mirumachi will lead the core team to map out a refocused concept of ES that is relevant to stakeholders in different academic disciplines and sectors.