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Core Team


Both Africa and Europe based institutions are cooperating closely to maximize on their relevant competences and qualifications. Together, the consortium constitutes highly competent individuals with excellent publication record from leading journals in various fields such as transboundary resource politics, environmental security, sustainable development, anthropology, social inequalities, and global affairs.


Dr. Matthew Osborne 

(Research Fellow: Behaviour and Choice Initiative)

Principal Investigator (PI)

Research Interests: International Development; Environmental Governance issues; Behaviour and Choice

Fiona Lambe

Research Fellow, Societal Transitions

Co-Investigator (Co-I)

Research interests: Behaviour change, household energy, energy transitions, service design.

Dr. Edward (Jed) Stevenson

(Department of Anthropology)

Co-Investigator (Co-In)

Research Interests: Anthropology; Omo-Turkana; Mixed methods and epistemologies


Ruth Nyakerario

Graduate of MSc Refugee and Forced Migration & MSc African studies, University of Oxford

Research Assistant

Research interests: African studies (with a focus on East Africa), Forced Migration, Protracted Displacement, Durable Refugee Solutions

Galgallo Guyo Golompo

Sustainable Development and Programme Management consultant and researcher in Marsabit, Kenya. Currently pursuing Masters in Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Nairobi

Research Assistant

Marcos Moreu

PhD Student, University College London, Department of Geography, Extreme Citizen Science group

Research assistant

Research interests: GIScience, Citizen Science, Participatory GIS, ICT4D




Dr Jake Lomax



Dr. Naho Mirumachi

(Reader in Environmental Politics: Department of Geography)

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI)

Research Interests: Geography; Environmental Security; Governance








Mr. Immo Eulenberger

(Ph.D. ongoing: Omo-Turkana Research Network)

Co-Investigator (Co-In)

Research Interests: Anthropology; Omo-Turkana Regional Participatory methods

Ms. Vane Aminga

(Climate Change and Risk team)

Project Assistant

Research Interests: Renewable Energy studies, Gender and Minority issues

Marine Hautsch

Graduate of MSc Environment and Development, King's College London

Research Assistant

Research Interests: Renewable Energy, Environmental Security, Forced Migration

Adengo Lorumu Warren

Graduate with Bachelors of Commerce, Diploma monitoring and evaluation and Advance cert. in ICT

Research Assistant

Naira Dehmel

PhD student, Department of Geography, King’s College London

Research Assistant










Local  Partners

1.Turkana University College

2.Turkana Pastoralist Development Organization (TUPADO)

3.The Catholic University of East Africa,

Institute for Regional Integration and Development 

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