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What is the problem with low carbon development?

While low carbon development has galvanised many governments and regions to tackle climate change, there are security concerns that are often overlooked. Problematising low carbon development can help us question the assumptions about climate threats and how we deal with them. While low carbon development such as renewable energy development might bring about new economic opportunities, it’s worth looking carefully into new security concerns that may emerge as well as old concerns that become further entrenched.

The recent publication by Dr Naho Mirumachi uncovers five dimensions of climate security that is worth examining in more detail: spatially uneven effects of low carbon development; violent imaginaries of the global south and the production of ‘ungoverned spaces’; non-violent yet harmful instances of conflict; marginalization and dispossession; depoliticized, techno-managerial effects of resilience.

Lake Turkana Wind Power turbines in Loiyangalani, Marsabit county, Kenya. Oct. 2018. Photo: Galgallo Guyo (Local project RA in Kenya)

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